Test video export compression settings

Testing some export settings for videos picked from the camera roll.

Here’s a clip of The Burning Hell at Start The Bus in Bristol.

This is the “640×480” setting, giving a 640×320 video from the original 1280×720.



Below is the “HIGH” setting and provides 106.66Mb 1280×720 video

And the “LOW” setting:

3.58Mb (!!) at 224×128 !

Update #2:

Notice this post has multiple mojomeja embeds in it. The second two were uploaded as drafts, then I manually copy/pasted the shortcode in the main WP-Admin and updated the post.

What this does highlight though, is that I’d like to make it possible to support more than one mojomeja item in the app’s post form. Currently it won’t work. Hmmm..